Efficiency of Broadband Terahertz Rectennas Based on Self-Switching Nanodiodes




Briones, Edgar
Cortes-Mestizo, Irving E.
Briones, Joel
Droopad, Ravi
Espinosa-Vega, Leticia I.
Vilchis, Heber
Mendez-Garcia, Victor H.

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Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers


The authors investigate the efficiency of a series of broadband rectennas designed to harvest the free-propagating electromagnetic energy at terahertz frequencies. We analyze by simulations the case of self-complementary square- and Archimedean-spiral antennas coupled to L-shaped self-switching diodes (L-SSDs). First, the geometry (i.e., the width and length of the channel) of the L-SSD was optimized to obtain a remarkable diode-like I–V response. Subsequently, the optimized L-SSD geometry was coupled to both types of spiral antennas and their characteristic impedance was studied. Finally, the energy conversion efficiency was evaluated for both rectenna architectures.



terahertz, self-switching diodes, spirals antennas, energy harvesting, impedance matching, Ingram School of Engineering


Briones, E., Cortes-Mestizo, I. E., Briones, J., Droopad, R., Espinosa-Vega, L. I., Vilchis, H., & Mendez-Garcia, V. H. (2017). Efficiency of broadband terahertz rectennas based on self-switching nanodiodes. Journal of Photonics for Energy, 7(2).


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