Go Long! Tackling the Economic Impact of the Valero Alamo Bowl




Boehme, Michael Anthony

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This paper investigates the economic impact of the Valero Alamo Bowl on the city of San Antonio and its surrounding areas. It is hypothesized that games between two out-of-state colleges will bring a greater impact to the city than those involving in-state teams. Attendance and spending data from three different Alamo Bowls (the 2018 matchup between the Iowa State Cyclones and the Washington State Cougars, the 2019 clash between the Utah Utes and the Texas Longhorns, and the 2021 battle between the Oregon Ducks and the Oklahoma Sooners) were entered into an economic model called IMPLAN, which provides economic data on entities such as economic multiplier, industry growth, employment growth, economic output, and tax revenues added to San Antonio. Using the results that IMPLAN provided on the three given games, the economic impact of each game is measured. This study finds that the Alamo Bowl’s economic impact on San Antonio is positive and happens to be greater when two out-of-state schools compete.



economic, impact, Alamo Bowl, San Antonio, Honors College


Boehme, M. A. (2022). Go long! Tackling the economic impact of the Valero Alamo Bowl (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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