Undeveloped Potential: An Observational Study of the General Populations' Attitudes and Social Treatments Toward Those with Disabilities in Almaty, Kazakhstan




Tucker, Amanda

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People who have mental and/or physical disabilities are often ostracized in the Kazakh culture. Many people with disabilities are placed in orphanages and adult homes, deprived of the liberty to earn an education, often without proper nutrition or care, and denied rights the average Kazakhstani receives. However, according to Kazakh law, those with physical and or mental disabilities are promised many resources such as counseling, therapy, education, and social equality which are often not allocated. By conducting observations in a “Special Needs” Orphanage and an Adult Home as well as interviewing local Kazakhstanis, this thesis investigates the attitudes and views the Kazakh citizens who live in the city of Almaty express towards those with disabilities as well as exploring the conditions the average person born with a physical and/or mental disability experiences in Almaty, Kazakhstan.



people with disabilities, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, orphanage, social treatment, special needs, Honors College


Tucker, A. (2014). Undeveloped potential: An observational study of the general populations' attitudes and social treatments toward those with disabilities in Almaty, Kazakhstan (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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