The Macedonian Moment: A Current Focus on Macedonians' Economic Stage and Entrepreneurial Opportunity




Belvin, Grayson Thomas

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Since independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, the Balkan nation of Macedonia has experienced significantly varying dynamics associated with progress in its developing economy. Much has occurred in the small nation and within its young economy, and the Macedonian entrepreneurs of today may perceive that they work in an economic structure that is less developed than are their aspirations. Regardless, as business-pioneers for their developing economy, these entrepreneurs bear a burden of potential in Macedonia for economic progress. In light of Macedonia’s current economic situation and its entrepreneurial environment, this study sought to contribute to two knowledge-gaps regarding Macedonia: 1. First, by evaluating the macroeconomic issues that trend with Macedonia’s economy, and 2. Second, by exploring how those issues are affecting its base, the Macedonian entrepreneur.



Macedonia, Economics, Macedonian economics, GDP, Entrepreneurship, Statistics, Entrepreneur interviews, Transitional economy, Macedonian entrepreneurs, Credit, Education, Urbanization, Shadow economy


Belvin, G. T. (2012). <i>The Macedonian moment: A current focus on Macedonians' economic stage and entrepreneurial opportunity</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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