Academic Language and Knowledge Acquisition Process of a Young Spanish-Speaking Newcomer




Neaves, Dianne

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This thesis examines the challenges that a young Spanish-speaking, newcomer student from Puerto Rico encountered in her schooling journey during her first year in a school in Central Texas and the instructional approaches that supported her academic success. A qualitative case study approach was used. The themes that emerged from the data analysis included English language proficiency, academic background knowledge, perceptions from home about U.S. schools, teacher ideology, and peers as a support system. The findings of the study bring into focus issues of historical practices of discrimination and exclusion. The results of the study indicated that emergent bilinguals require systematic support in the academic content areas and in the acquisition of English as a second language. The findings also showed that the inclusion of the family in the education process allows students to develop to their full potential.



Newcomer, Latino, Emergent bilingual, ELL, Spanish-speaking, Puerto Rico, Case study, English language proficiency, Background knowledge, Teacher's ideology, Peer tutoring, Critical pedagogy


Neaves, D. (2016). <i>Academic language and knowledge acquisition process of a young Spanish-speaking newcomer</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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