A Year in the Life of a Stock: Following a Share of Bank of America Corporation Stock through 2007




Franks, Kristen

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This narrative about a single share of Bank of America Corp stock will discuss the “birth” of the stock and will explain the process of issuing a stock and what a stock truly represents. Then the story will follow this stock through the year of 2007, examining certain major fluctuations in the price. In showing what affects this one stock, the narrative will build a background story of the stock market as a whole, explaining financial concepts and vocabulary with companion charts and footnotes, and illustrations. Focusing on the smallest component of the financial market, the stock, will clarify aspects of the whole market.



finance, stock market, economics, Bank of America Corporation, subprime mortgage, capital asset pricing model, CAPM, stock, investment, Honors College


Franks, K. (2008). A year in the life of a stock: Following a share of Bank of America Corporation stock through 2007 (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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