Arrangement and Description of Marshall Brown Newport Youth Jazz Band Collection




Winking, Keith

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The Marshall Brown collection at the Institute of Jazz Studies (IJS) at Rutgers University was contained on 13 shelves, each containing 2 boxes - a box held between one and one and 1/2 cubic feet which translated to about 275 cubic feet of materials. I was able to go through the whole collection and compile a complete Guide to the Marshall Brown Collection. This guide contains music titles, dates and condition of the music, interpretation of the music's significance, information on key and time signatures, description of individual parts in detail, copyright/publishing information, and box/folder numbers to facilitate access to the collection. Ultimately, my work was about access. I created an archival guide that will allow researchers/educators the chance to have an overview and facilitate access to the collection. The IJS has agreed to make the Newport Youth Band's music available to school music programs as well as the international music community. Much of the world's great jazz literature has never been published so school jazz ensembles now have the opportunity to perform music from this collection. The Texas State Jazz Orchestra under my direction, performed several works from this collection.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


Brown, Marshall, Newport youth, jazz band collection


Winking, K. (2005). Arrangement and description of Marshall Brown Newport youth jazz band collection. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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