Description of the Setae on the Pereiopods of the Mediterranean Slipper Lobster Scyllarides latus, the Ridged Slipper Lobster, S Nodifer and the Spanish Slipper Lobster S Aequinoctialis




Malcom, Cassandra N.

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This study describes the morphology of setae on the five pairs of pereiopods (walking legs) of three species of scyllarid lobsters. Setae were examined using scanning electron microscopy and environmental scanning electron microscopy, with their location being directly mapped for five segments of the endopod (dactyl, propus, carpus, merus and ischium) of each of the pereiopods. Using Watling’s (1989) scheme for setal morphology, five types of setae were found; cuspidate, simple, conate, miniature simple and teazel. Setae were found to have a highly organized row-like pattern on the ventral (aboral) and dorsal (oral) surfaces of the pereiopods Cuspidate setae were found on all surfaces and faces of the dactyl, propus, carpus, merus and ischium segments of each of the five pereiopods examined. Simple setae were found only on the dactyl of each pereiopod, and the teazel setae were concentrated on the rim, the lateral most edge of the merus shield, for S. aequinoctialis only. Comparisons of setal types between the species demonstrate that S. nodifer bears the exact same setae and setal pattern as S. lotus, while S. aequinoctialis shows slight differences. Based on comparisons between the more intensely studied nephropid (clawed lobsters) and palinurid (spiny lobsters) species, scyllarids (slipper lobsters) have fewer setae on their pereiopods, probably due to the abrasive manner in which they manipulate and open their preferred food (clams, oysters, mussels).



Scyllaridae, lobsters, morphology


Malcom, C. N. (2003). Description of the setae on the pereiopods of the Mediterranean slipper lobster Scyllarides latus, the ridged slipper lobster, S nodifer and the Spanish slipper lobster S aequinoctialis (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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