The Jefferson Junior High Runners' Club




Pettus, Destini

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This story begins with Arthur Quinn, an egocentric, obstinate dictator of an 11-year old genius, bribing an elderly woman to give him her house. Spoiler alert: she does. Arthur would do absolutely anything to impress the new-found love of his life, a 13-year old African-American diva named Essence Williams. He would even move into a boring, small town, attend a normal middle school and start a time traveling club. Arthur and Essence team up to flip this texas town upside-down. This excerpt features hysterical dinosaurs, a hula-dancing mayor, and an abundance of snarky footnotes. Beneath the surface of this light-hearted story are relatable characters coping with loss and rejection, seeking purpose, discovering their identities, exploring dynamics of power, and developing physically, mentally and spiritually.



science fiction, creative fiction, time travel, middle school, teen fiction, pre-teen fiction, Honors College


Pettus, D. (2019). The Jefferson Junior High runners' club (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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