Best Management Practices Post Construction Report: The Upper San Marcos River Watershed Plan - Implementation Phase I




Navarro, Aspen
Schlandt, Allyson

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Development in the Upper San Marcos River (USMR) Watershed is expected to increase with rural land uses converting to intense urban developments. Increased impervious cover associated with urbanization can lead to increased pollutant concentrations. In addition, the installation of drainage systems and concrete channels can result in pollutant loadings being delivered to waterways faster and in greater concentrations than in undeveloped areas with natural drainage systems. Urbanization has also been shown to fragment the landscape, potentially impacting biodiversity. To alleviate the impacts on water quality as a result of increasing development and construction, two best management practice (BMP) projects were implemented in the USMR Watershed (Figure 1) throughout the grant contract period from 2018-2020. These demonstrations projects help to improve water quality, enhance water supplies, and serve as guidance for residents, developers, and stakeholders to replicate. The BMP sites were determined based on their ability to improve water quality by capturing and/or treating stormwater runoff before making its way to the USMR. The two BMP projects include: • Biofiltration Pond - Hutchison Pond located at Hutchison Street and CM Allen Intersection • Erosion Control and Increased Stormwater Capacity - Hogtrap Retrofit located at Matthews Street Hillside along Sessom Dr. Both BMP projects were completed in April of 2020 and this report summarizes the characteristics of each project along with their load reduction calculations.



Upper San Marcos River Watershed, water quality, best management practices


Navarro, A., & Schlandt, A. (2020). Best management practices post construction report: The Upper San Marcos River Watershed Protection Plan - Implementation phase I (Report No. 2020-05). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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