Interactive Displays and Education




Matza, Joseph Berek

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Since the 1960s a growing body of research has emerged which seeks to determine the effectiveness of interactive educational displays on improving information retention, and the development of a sounder understanding of biological processes. Through analyzing this research, I have developed a concept that seeks to incorporate an interactive type display into the Texas State University Department of Agriculture. The display utilizes both the indoor space as well as the gardens that surround the agriculture building. The aim of this project is to create an interactive display that corresponds to the Economic Entomology class in order to give students a deeper understanding of the course material as it relates to real world applications. The project consists of four shadow box style display cases to be installed in the Agriculture building. Inside of the display cases will be agriculturally important insect specimens. Accompanying the shadow boxes will be a poster with information relating to the field of Entomology. The poster will also direct students and visitors to the gardens where they will look for insects of agricultural importance as described in the Economic Entomology course. A series of aluminum signs will be placed throughout the gardens containing information on particular insect orders. In addition to creating a more comprehensive learning environment, this project is an attempt to give back to the Texas State University Agriculture Program which has been a huge part of my professional development over the past few years.



interactive exhibits, education, entomology, museum displays, outdoor education, Honors College


Matza, J. B. (2018). Interactive displays and education (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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