Flexibility, Communication, and Transparency: Lessons for a Successful Geography Lab Manual Implementation from First Semester Experiences




Bowlick, Forrest J.
Young, Shelby L.
Murphy, Trey D.A.
Williams, Brianna M.J.
Frauenfeld, Oliver W.

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


This paper describes an experience implementing a new lab manual for 25 sections of an introductory physical geography laboratory course at Texas A&M University, for the purpose of providing recommendations for educators looking to develop and incorporate new course materials. Transparency, communication, and feedback were key components in the successful introduction and implementation of the lab manual and ancillary resources. These components allowed for efficient delivery of the new materials while building a reliable feedback and revision structure. While the experience is based on a physical geography course, these suggestions are appropriate for diverse course topics, especially within geography and the physical sciences.



geography, geography education, physical geography, laboratory design, instructional materials


Bowlick, F.J., Young, S.L., Murphy, T.D.A., Williams, B.M.J., & Frauenfeld, O.W. (2016). Flexibility, communication, and transparency: Lessons for a successful geography lab manual implementation from first semester experiences. Research in Geographic Education, 18(1), pp. 74-85.


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