Evaluation for the Development of a Jacob’s Well Groundwater Management Zone in Hays County, Texas




Gary, Marcus O.
Hunt, Brian B.
Smith, Brian A.
Watson, Jeffery A.
Wierman, Douglas A.

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The Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (District) is charged with managing the groundwater resources within its jurisdictional boundaries (Figure 1). In recognition of the importance of maintaining springflow from Jacob’s Well, the District’s Board of Directors formed a technical committee of groundwater scientists tasked with evaluating hydrogeologic data and identifying alternatives related to the delineation of a Jacob’s Well Groundwater Management Zone. The primary goal of the evaluation is to delineate a scientifically based area in which to apply strategies that lead to the preservation of springflow and baseflow in Cypress Creek, particularly during periods of drought. Developing a framework for protecting Jacob’s Well flow requires a detailed understanding of springflow, groundwater pumping, effectiveness of current drought management practices, and other potential management strategies. This document summarizes the hydrogeologic data used to define the spatial extent of springsheds and hydrogeologic connections in the area of study, and ultimately recommends potential groundwater management zones. This report also reviews possible effects and strategies related to mitigating pumping to protect springflow.



Jacob's Well, groundwater flow, springflow, water resources, Hays County


Gary, M. O., Hunt, B. B., Smith, B. A., Watson, J. A., & Wierman, D. A. (2019). Evaluation for the development of a Jacob's Well groundwater management zone in Hays County, Texas (Report No. 2019-05). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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