Living With Charles Bonnet Syndrome: A Literature Review and Collection of Case Studies




Le Blanc, Tyler M.

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The etiology of visual impairment is quite diverse with an array of causes and magnitudes. The incidence of this condition often arises at hand with attendant complications that individualize the person’s experience. Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) is a prospective disorder that often materializes after the onset of visual impairment. This condition is characterized by visual hallucinations, also known as phantom visions, albeit unaccompanied by delusions. The literature on this condition is widely lacking leading to various inconsistencies in epidemiology. Although sufferers can distinguish their hallucinations from reality, the lack of understanding of CBS can lead individuals to question their sanity. This inclination paired with the degree of one’s symptoms can result in a variety of outcomes. This present thesis serves as an amalgamation and review of the current research and a collection of three case studies. By overlapping experiences of these individuals with the current literature, new courses of research can be hypothesized. Moreover, this project serves to educate and spread awareness about CBS and the experiences of those afflicted by its colorful symptoms.



neurology, visual impairment, blindness, hallucinations, Charles Bonnet Syndrome, Psychology, Honors College


Le Blanc, T. M. (2022). Living With Charles Bonnet Syndrome: A literature review and collection of case studies (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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