The SIS process improvement




Asiabanpour, Bahram

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Project results: 1- Lab development: Since the time this research was funded, many lab development activities have been done. A room with basic utilities (e.g., Water, Power, and Internet) was permanently assigned to this research. Also all needed development and test equipment, tools, and materials were purchased and placed in the lab. 2- Students involvement: A group of 4 interested students voluntarily joined the research team since January 2004. With their help first Heater was designed and prototyped. Starting Fall 2004, 4 more new students, including one graduate student with computer science background and 3 senior students in Manufacturing Engineering major joined the research team. Graduate student worked on simulation application to design heaters with optimum pattern. 3 manufacturing engineering students helped the PI in design, prototype, and test of different types of heaters and heat masking systems.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


heater design, heaters, manufacturing, engineering, SIS process


Asiabanpour, B. (2004). <i>The SIS process improvement</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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