English and French Influence on and Reception of Late Nineteenth-Century Spanish Music Theater

Harney, Lucy
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This project addresses gaps in recent scholarship on zarzuela (Spanish musical theater).With the assistance of the REP grant, I proposed 1) to complete and submit for publication an article exploring the ideological relationship between zarzuela and the European tradition of pastoral writing, 2) to research, write, and submit an article addressing the relationship between zarzuela and English popular music theater—particularly ballad opera and operetta, 3) to research, write, and submit an article exploring the relationship between zarzuela and French popular music theater— especially vaudeville and opera buffe, and 4) to finish gathering research for an article that will address the transposition of zarzuela from Spain to Cuba in the twentieth century, focusing on the political subtexts of three late nineteenth-century Spanish zarzuelas (La Tempranica, La Verbena de la Paloma, and Agua, Azucarillos y Aguardiente) and the most influential! Cuban zarzuela, Gonzalo Roig’s Cecilia Valdés.
Research Enhancement Program Final Report
English, French, Nineteenth-Century, Spanish, Music, Theater, Zarzuela
Harney, L. (2007). English and French influence on and reception of late nineteenth-century Spanish music theater. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.