Pre-Entry Level Jobs: Anglo and Minority Youth




Arrendell, Carma Lisa

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The current economic conditions have caused difficulty and problems for many people, in particular minorities. Certain groups, specifically Blacks and Hispanics, are in a disadvantaged situation. They are usually found in subordinate positions due to discriminatory practices limiting them or excluding them from opportunity and promotion in employment. Several sociologists and economists have provided theories explaining the. origins of minorities exploitations. The entry level work experiences of Black, Hispanics, Anglos, and other groups are extremely significant in the labor force. The position one holds may be determined, in part, both by socioeconomic class and ethnicity, and has much influence on future career goals. With the emphasis on youthful work entry level experience in mind, the following research has been undertaken. The sample is taken from the National Longitudinal Labor Survey: Youth, 1979 (The National Longitudinal Labor Surveys Handbook, 1981). Young people from the ages of 16 through 22 and from Black, Hispanic, Oriental, American Indian, Anglo, and "Other" backgrounds were utilized. Variables were used to describe their work histories on pre-entry level jobs (jobs obtained before schooling is completed). From a reading of the literature, hypotheses were drawn with regard to ethnic group experiences, pay, layoffs, expected types of employment, job satisfaction, rural and urban differences and socioeconomic status differences. The purpose was to challenge the expectations from the literature with the pre-entry level job findings from the sample.



youth, employment


Arrendell, C.L. (1982). Pre-entry level jobs: Anglo and minority youth (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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