Optimization of Solar Energy Harvesting: An Empirical Approach




Almusaied, Zaid I.
Asiabanpour, Bahram
Aslan, Semih

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Hindawi Publishing Corporation


Renewable energy is the path for a sustainable future. The development in this field is progressing rapidly and solar energy is at the heart of this development. The performance and efficiency limitations are the main obstacles preventing solar energy from fulfilling its potential. This research intends to improve the performance of solar panels by identifying and optimizing the affecting factors. For this purpose, a mechanical system was developed to hold and control the tilt and orientation of the photovoltaic panel. A data acquisition system and electrical system were built to measure and store performance data of the photovoltaic panels. A design of experiments and Response Surface Methodology were used to investigate the impact of these factors on the yield response as well as the output optimization. The findings of the experiment showed an optimum result with a tilt of 60° from the horizon, an azimuth angel of 45° from the south, and a clean panel condition. The wind factor showed insignificant impact within the specified range.



renewable energy, solar energy, photovoltaic power systems, solar cells, sustainable development, Ingram School of Engineering


Almusaied, Z., Asiabanpour, B., & Aslan, S. (2018). Optimization of solar energy harvesting: An empirical approach. Journal of Solar Energy, 2018.


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