Making the Most of Your Time Together: Examining the Interactive Effects of Time Spent with Partner and Self-Expansion on Relational Boredom During COVID-19




Balzarini, Rhonda
Leckfor, Christina
Zoppolat, Giulia
Tracy, Megan
Himes, Taylor
Brand, Daisi
Slatcher, Richard

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COVID-19 guidelines resulted in many couples spending more time together than usual. Spending more time together may be a maintenance strategy, especially if couples utilize their time together to self-expand. However, time together may also be detrimental, as repeated exposure and routine over an extended period may lead to a lack of novelty in the relationship2 and relational boredom. Research Question: How does time spent with a partner and self-expansion at the start of the pandemic relate to reports of relational boredom two weeks later?



COVID-19, relationships, couples


Balzarini, R., Leckfor, C., Zoppolat, G., Tracy, M., Himes, T., Brand, D., & Slatcher, R. (2023). Making the most of your time together: Examining the interactive effects of time spent with partner and self-expansion on relational boredom during COVID-19. Poster presented at the Health Scholar Showcase, Translational Health Research Center, San Marcos, Texas.


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