Serious Incident Mapping: Adapting US Crime Mapping Techniques to the Subway System in Thailand




Suthisorn, Sorason

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The nation of Thailand, like most Asian nations, will experience significant growth in the coming years. To accommodate this anticipated growth, Thailand will continually increase the capacities of public transportation systems around the nation, and especially in the capital city of Bangkok. The planned expansion of the subway system (MRTA) in Bangkok is an important part of the overall public transportation initiative. The security system for the subway functions well to prevent accidents, fire, floods, crime, and other serious security threats in the stations and along the underground lines at present. However, the planned expansion will present new security challenges, and it is important to proactively develop new security measures to respond effectively to the new challenges before they arise. The concept of Serious Incident Mapping is a variation of traditional crime mapping, which is designed to provide managers with all types of security-related trend information to assist them in making decisions for security planning, and for responding to security incidents and challenges. MRTA administrators, mid-level managers, and line personnel were interviewed regarding the security system, security challenges, and future security operations in the subway system to determine if Serious Incident Mapping would be an effective management tool for MRTA in the future. The resulting data were analyzed to form the basis for recommendations to Thailand's government.



subways, transportation, security systems, crime analysis, geographic information systems, Thailand


Suthisorn, S. (2008). Serious incident mapping: Adapting US crime mapping techniques to the subway system in Thailand (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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