Magnetic Characterization of Fe/PLA 3-D Printed Filaments and Fe-Doped Ga2O3 Thin Films




Henderson, Lauren

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The work of this thesis consisted of magnetic characterization on two different materials: soft magnetic Fe/PLA filaments 3-D printed using magnetic field assisted additive manufacturing (MFAAM) and Fe-doped Ga2O3 thin films grown via pulsed laser deposition (PLD) of various iron concentrations. The Fe/PLA filaments were printed on top of permanent magnets to supply different external magnetic field strengths to the filaments during the printing process, a modification referred to as magnetic field assisted additive manufacturing (MFAAM). These various filaments were then measured using a MicroSense biaxial VSM to observe magnetic field dependence as well as field angle dependence on the magnetic properties and determine any potential anisotropy. The filaments were also characterized by digital microscopy and x-ray diffraction (XRD) to further confirm the results from the VSM. These results confirmed enhanced magnetic properties through increased susceptibility and induced anisotropy of the filaments printed with MFAAM. The magnetic properties of Fe-doped Ga2O3 thin films of various iron concentrations (2%, 5%, 15%, 40%, and 75%) and crystal structures (monoclinic for concentrations less than 10% and spinel cubic for samples greater than 10%) were examined. These films were measured using both the MicroSense VSM and the QuantumDesign PPMS VSM to observe their magnetic moments’ dependency on magnetic field strength, temperature, and iron concentration. The samples’ hysteresis curves were inspected and magnetic properties such as saturation magnetization, coercivity, and remanence were estimated and compared. The magnetization with respect to temperature was also investigated for the 5% and 75% Fe-doped samples. The magnetization vs. temperature curves displayed different magnetic behavior for the 5% and 75% samples, suggesting a potential change in magnetic ordering as the iron concentration increased.



thin films, additive manufacturing, semiconductor, magnetic characterization


Henderson, L. (2022). Magnetic characterization of Fe/PLA 3-D printed filaments and Fe-doped Ga2O3 thin films (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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