Preferentially Oriented Growth of Diamond Film on Silicon Substrate




K.C., Anupam

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A multistep deposition technique has been developed to grow and nucleate a diamond film directly on Silicon substrate in a hot filament chemical vapor deposition system. The high-quality diamond film is deposited on the silicon substrate with an intermediate nickel thin film with less graphitic co-deposition. The extremely high surface energies, interfacial lattice misfit and strain energies between the diamond film and the non- diamond substrate is the main problems for the oriented film on the substrate. Thus, an intermediate thin nickel film is deposited on the silicon substrate to develop the texture and the oriented diamond film by the process of annealing. The annealing temperature of the film is determined from the molten phase state of the nickel, silicon, carbon, and hydrogen. The growth kinetics and diamond film texture are also studied by the growth of diamond film on different nickel modification layers without annealing. The oriented diamond film is anticipated to have high thermal conductivity and low surface roughness and is useful as a substrate for high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) devices to improve the thermal boundary resistance (TBR). The purpose of this research is to grow an oriented diamond film on a silicon substrate without graphitic interlayers, and the results of this study will be valuable for the semiconductor industry such as the integration of diamond in ultra-high power (GaN/AlGaN) HEMT devices to increase the device lifetime and thermal management.





K.C., A. (2019). <i>Preferentially oriented growth of diamond film on silicon substrate</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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