Relationship Between LCSH and LCC Notations in Different Classes of LCC




Khosh-khui, Sam Abolghasem

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Association between Library of Congress Subject Readings (LCSHs) and their corresponding Library of Congress Class Notations (LCCNs) was measured in term of probability of having the identical LCCN for all occurrences of a given LCSH in a database consisting of 101,347 MARC records. The measurements were controlled with regard to main classes of the Library of Congress classification (LCC). The analysis was repeated for all LCC main classes to determine if there are significant variations in association between LCSHs and their corresponding LCCNs in various classes of LCC. The degree of association between LCSHs and their corresponding LCCNs was found to be statistically significant among different classes of LCC. Class 'T' (Technology) had the strongest degree of association and Class 'A' (General Works) had the weakest level of association.



Library of Congress Subject Headings, LCSH, Library of Congress Classification, LCC


Khosh-khui, S. A. (1987). Relationship between LCSH and LCC notations in classes of LOC.


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