Leslie Marmon Silko: Beyond Borders




Cohen, Robin E.

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I spent a week at the Beinecke Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection at Yale University working with Leslie Marmon Silko's manuscripts. Because her manuscripts are uncatalogued, I discovered on arrival that the collection now includes her papers from two additional novels. This gave me much more material to work with than expected and will make my final project, a book entitled Leslie Marmon Silko: Beyond Borders, much more comprehensive. I ordered extensive photocopies that have allowed me to work with these materials over a longer period of time back at home. My grant allowed me to discover artifacts and drawings that Silko created to stimulate her creative process as well as unpublished material related to her film efforts, in addition to the expected manuscript drafts, that support my thesis that Silko's work defies genre classification and crosses borders between media. I have delivered one conference paper related to this research. I have completed one article and am currently finishing a proposal for my book project, including a sample chapter with extensive material from this research. I had planned to submit this proposal at the end of last summer, but the additional material I discovered mandated a rethinking of some of my material. I am excited about progress on my book project that this grant has supported.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


manuscripts, borders, Silko, Leslie Marmon, media


Cohen, R. E. (2006). <i>Leslie Marmon Silko: Beyond Borders</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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