Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: Investigating the Diffusion of Innovation




Dolezel, Diane
McLeod, Alexander

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American Health Information Management Association


The shortage of data scientists has restricted the implementation of big data analytics in healthcare facilities. This survey study explores big data tool and technology usage, examines the gap between the supply and the demand for data scientists through Diffusion of Innovations theory, proposes engaging academics to accelerate knowledge diffusion, and recommends adoption of curriculum-building models. For this study, data were collected through a national survey of healthcare managers. Results provide practical data on big data tool and technology skills utilized in the workplace. This information is valuable for healthcare organizations, academics, and industry leaders who collaborate to implement the necessary infrastructure for content delivery and for experiential learning. It informs academics working to reengineer their curriculum to focus on big data analytics. The paper presents numerous resources that provide guidance for building knowledge. Future research directions are discussed.



analytics, big data, business intelligence, curriculum, informatics, diffusion of innovations theory, Health Information Management


Dolezel, D., & McLeod, A. (2019). Big data analytics in healthcare: Investigating the diffusion of innovation. Perspectives in Health Information Management, pp. 1–19.


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