Perceptions of Sex, Virginity, and Consent: Considering Gender, Sexuality, and Alcohol Consumption




Frost, Ashley

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The present studies investigated current perceptions of what acts constitute a loss of virginity (study 1) and are considered sex (study 2) for each partner in heterosexual and same-sex interactions as well as how these perceptions might change with varying levels of consent (study 3). Participants (Total N = 1,310) read situational statements, vignettes, and opinion questions concerning their own sexuality and gender, as well as others to determine not only how a group views itself, but how others view them. Studies 1 & 2 found penile penetration, vaginally and anally, constituted both sex and a loss of virginity. Seven items that did not constitute a loss of virginity were considered sex and any act that is non-consensual is not considered a valid sexual interaction nor constitutes virginity loss. In study 3, even if verbal consent is acquired, if either participant is intoxicated, the validity of that consent is questioned.



Sex, Virginity, Consent, Alcohol


Frost, A. (2019). <i>Perceptions of sex, virginity, and consent: Considering gender, sexuality, and alcohol consumption</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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