Developing an Immersive Virtual Reality Game for Increasing the Awareness of Focus-Four Construction Hazards




Snosi, Omar Saber Sayed

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This study focuses on the use of VR in enhancing safety training within the construction industry, specifically targeting OSHA’s Focus-Four construction Hazards, which are Fall, Electrocution, Caught-In/Between, and Struck-By Hazards. The study has passed through two stages. The first phase was to gamify only one out of the OSHA Focus-Four Hazards, which was the Fall hazard. Based on construction industry professionals' perception of VR, a gamification for Fall Hazard training was developed and tested by CSM students at Texas State University. The students acted as construction workers, choosing the right ladder to reach the next floor and get a glass of water from one of three water stations. The water stations were located in such a way that by choosing the safest water station they score the highest. The study's first stage results showed that more than 60% of participants found the VR game to be user-friendly and engaging in learning about OSHA Fall Hazard safety standards. The second phase was to extend the scope of construction safety training to encompass the rest of the OSHA Focus-Four Hazards: Electrocution, Caught-In/Between, and Struck-By Hazards. This study assessed how immersive environments influence hazard recognition and decision-making abilities by developing a VR game for construction science students. Findings indicate a notable enhancement in participants' skills to identify and respond to Hazards, evidenced by pre-to post- game test score improvement. The results underscore the effectiveness of VR in OSHA construction safety training, suggesting its capacity to link theoretical understanding with practical skills. This study calls for expanded research to assess VR training's efficacy across various demographic and experience levels, aiming to innovate and refine safety education in the construction sector.



virtual reality, construction safety hazards, safety training modules, interactive learning


Snosi, O. S. S. (2024). Developing an immersive virtual reality game for increasing the awareness of focus-four construction hazards (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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