Women Jazz Singers of the Big Band Era (1930-1945): An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide

McNair, Sarah E.
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There is a growing body of reference works on women in music: Carolyn Rabson’s Women in Music: An Annotated Bibliography (1985); Margaret Erickson’s Women and Music: A Selective Annotated Bibliography on Women and Gender Issues in Music, 1987-1992 (1996); Karin Pendle’s Women in Music: A Research and Information Guide (2005); and, more specifically, resources on women in jazz include Marie Rodgers’s The Harlem Renaissance: An Annotated Reference Guide for Student Research (1998) and Karen Kindig’s Women in Jazz: An Annotated Bibliography (2001). An extensive research guide has yet to be compiled on women jazz vocalists of the big band era. By identifying selected sources in the categories of dictionaries and encyclopedias, histories, biographies, discographies, iconographies, dissertations and theses, and other bibliographies, this thesis, an annotated bibliography, documents the historiography of female jazz singers, validating their positions as jazz musicians as well as highlighting references on this topic, thus laying the groundwork for others interested in similar research.
Women, Jazz, Singers, Vocalists, Big band, Bibliography
McNair, S. E. (2012). <i>Women jazz singers of the Big Band Era (1930-1945): An annotated bibliography and research guide</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.