Ozonated Autohemotherapy Modulates the Serum Levels of Inflammatory Cytokines in Gouty Patients




Li, Lian-Yun
Ma, Ruo-Lan
Du, Liqin
Wu, An-Shi

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Dove Medical Press


Objectives: Ozonated autohemotherapy (O3-AHT) has been used to effectively treat gout, but the underlying therapeutic mechanisms remain unknown. In this study, as an initial effort to understand the therapeutic mechanisms of O3-AHT, we aim to examine the effect of O3-AHT on serum inflammatory cytokine levels in gouty patients. Patients and Methods: Three groups of patients and healthy subjects were recruited, including the gouty (n=10), hyperuricemia (n=10), and healthy control (n=11) groups. Cytometric bead array was applied to examine 12 cytokines before (T0), during (T1), and after (T2) therapies. Results: Three cytokines, IL-8, IL-12, and MCP-1, were detectable in all participants. Before O3-AHT, the average serum levels of IL-8 and MCP-1 were higher in the gout group than in the hyperuricemia and healthy control groups, confirming the inflammation status in gouty patients. After the 5th course of O3-AHT (T1), IL-8 level was significantly increased compared to that at T0. IL-12 level was also raised at T1, although the difference did not reach statistical significance. After completing the therapy, both IL-8 and IL-12 levels decreased to levels lower than those at T0. MCP-1 level remained essentially unchanged during and after treatment. Conclusion: Our results indicate that O3-AHT induces a significant change in serum cytokine levels, suggesting that modulating the inflammatory process is one of the therapeutic mechanisms underlying O3-AHT. In addition, the sensitive response of serum IL-8 and IL-12 levels to O3-AHT suggests that these cytokines may be developed as biomarkers to evaluate the therapeutic effect of O3-AHT in gouty patients.



ozonated autohemotherapy, inflammation, cytokine, gout, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Li, L., Ma, R., Du, L., & Wu, A. (2017). Ozonated autohemotherapy modulates the serum levels of inflammatory cytokines in gouty patients. Open Access Rheumatology: Research and Reviews, 9, pp. 159-165.


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