Acquire and Self-regulate Knowledge in Multimedia Environment (ASKME)




Bos, Beth

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It is difficult to examine the effectiveness of technology-based courses (TBC) without understanding the design and application in classrooms. There is evidence of disconnects among the theory for designing, the theory used to apply TBCs in classrooms, and the theory used to research and evaluate TBCs (Hickey, 1997). Comments provided by administrators, teachers and students lead researchers to determine whether or not the original TBC course goals have been attained. We looked at examples of theoretical disconnects found in other technology-based research (Alevan et al., 2003; Hickey & McCaslin, 2001). Then, we describe the course design of the mathematics TBC used in this study, the reasons the principal and the teachers believe the software will benefit their mathematics students, and the perceptions of mathematics students regarding the effectiveness of the technology in their classroom. In conclusion, we found how this preliminary.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


multimedia environment, technology-based courses, TBC, education, academic instruction


Bos, B. (2008). Acquire and self-regulate knowledge in multimedia environment (ASKME). Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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