Development of Geography Teachers' Capacity to Evaluate: Analysis on Coping with Complexity and Controversiality




Applis, Stefan
Fögele, Janis

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


The educational standards in geography in the German-speaking world separately refer to the areas of competence of judgment and evaluation and thus attach outstanding importance to reflective value-orientation in geography classes. Therefore, coping with complexity and controversiality has become a core challenge for geography teachers, particularly in the subject areas of Global Development and Global Learning, which are analyzed in a qualitative-reconstructive research project of responsive evaluation, and on which this article is based. The study has shown that the treatment which the teachers underwent during the training could cause their deeply inscribed subjective theories on geography instruction to become explicit in joint discussions and thus became accessible to dealing with them and reflecting on them.



geography, competence research, teacher competences, controversiality and complexity, qualitative-reconstructive social research, documentary method


Applis, S. & Fögele, J. (2016). Development of geography teachers' capacity to evaluate: Analysis on coping with complexity and controversiality. Research in Geographic Education, 18(1), pp. 10-24.


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