Employer Perspectives on the Value of Geographic Expertise, Skills, and Technologies




McKendry, Jean E.
Adams, Joy K.
Solem, Michael

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


As part of the AAG's Enhancing Departments and Graduate Education (EDGE) project, the AAG conducted 59 interviews in 2011-2013 with employers in business, government, and nonprofit organizations to learn how geography is practiced; identify skills in demand; and explore employers' perspectives on the career preparation of geographers. This article summarizes the final results of analyses of semi-structured phone interviews, discusses why these results matter to geography students and departments in preparing for careers across a wide range of sectors, and describes how this study can also offer practical and important insights to a discipline committed to continued leadership and relevancy in engaging in the increasingly complex challenges and opportunities of our times.



geography, employment, skills, career preparation


McKendry, J.E., Adams, J.K., & Solem, M. (2014). Employer perspectives on the value of geographic expertise, skills, and technologies. Research in Geographic Education, 16(1), pp. 23-39.


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