Beyond refuge: A theoretical framework for emancipatory education of forcibly-displaced youth




Swisher, Jason R

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As the record number of forcibly-displaced persons in the world continues to rise, more people of differing origins are sharing space and trying to live together. Prolonged displacement has turned into permanent resettlement and citizenship. To reflect this geopolitical transformation, education too must transform. In this vertical case study, I used a postcritical ethnographic approach to explore abstractions, practicalities, impediments, and assets proffered by my research participants to illustrate what an educational transformation should and could look like via a theoretical framework for emancipatory education of forcibly-displaced youth in mainstream schools. I engaged in interviews, focus groups, and participant observations to gather data from 34 participants across local, state, national, and international levels of educational influence, resulting in a diverse collection of perspectives. I represented the results of the study in a narrative and discussion upon which I aim for educators to build. An emancipatory education of forcibly-displaced youth must begin with an examination of ourselves, our systems, and our societies and be sustained by leadership, policies, and practices based in love, empathy, listening, learning, and community.



Theoretical, Framework, Refugee, Education, Emancipatory, Vertical, Case study, Forcibly-displaced, Youth, School, Improvement, Curricula, Care, Empathy, Love, Community, Professional, Development, Resources, Change, Local, State, National, International, Policy, Culture, Parents, Identity, Social, Welcoming, Welcome, Emotional, Learning, Listening, Language, Assimilation, Assimilate, Listening, Listen, Storytelling, Story, Stories, Funding, Systemic, Definition, Defining, Cultural, Reconsidering, Reconsider, Socialization, Qualification, Subjectification, Measurement, Authenticity, Democracy, Equity, Perception, Partnerships, Bias, Biases, Oppression, Subjugation, Asylee, Migrant, Immigrant, Undocumented


Swisher, J. R. (2021). <i>Beyond refuge: A theoretical framework for emancipatory education of forcibly-displaced youth</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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