Electrochemical Rearrangements on Sulfide Structures




Martin, Benjamin R.

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This has been an important year in the development of my research program. The funding from this award was used to complete the core equipment needed to conduct our primary experiments (in the form of high temperature furnace parts), and was used to fund five undergraduate students in the summer of 2006. This work resulted in preliminary data that was used as the basis for five different external grant submissions. Although these grants were not funded this year, reviewers’ comments will be addressed in order to secure sustainable external funds in the coming year. Additionally, the results from the work funded by this award were compiled into a presentation that was given at Shimane University, Japan, which has resulted in a research collaboration agreement between Texas State and Shimane with Dr. Yasuaki Okamoto. Dr. Okamoto is an expert in photocatalysis measurements, and this collaboration will provide an excellent application for the synthetic work conducted by our group. Collaborative funding will be sought in the coming year.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


electrochemical rearrangements, sulfide structures


Martin, B. R. (2005). <i>Electrochemical rearrangements on sulfide structures</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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