From Your Phone To Your Home: An Augmented Reality Brand Experience for High-End Furniture




Wiley, Kendra

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Augmented reality (AR) is a developing technology that provides an opportunistic platform for advertising and company branding. AR provides a captivating user experience that can be leveraged for brand placement as well as additional product information. This thesis focuses on a smartphone-based AR usage model where users can view their actual surroundings on their smartphone display, viewed through the smartphones' camera, upon which virtual content is overlaid, augmenting the surroundings viewed on the display. This technology is not yet widely implemented for advertising or branding and opportunities exist for a retail company to be the first in its market to implement it. No such AR experiences are yet implemented within the highend furniture market, therefore, an AR experience in this market would allow such company to stand out from its competitors. For this project, an AR smartphone brand experience application was prototyped for the modern furniture company, Knoll, that allows targeted customers to view and customize virtual furniture in their home, as well as enable users to make furniture purchases directly from the application.



augmented reality, virtual reality, user experience, Knoll, furniture, technology, high tech, brand experience, Honors College


Wiley, K. (2017). From your phone to your home: An augmented reality brand experience for high-end furniture (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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