A holistic approach to athletic recovery: a physio-psycho study




Stone, Logan

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The stigma surrounding athletic injuries creates the perception for the athlete that returning to pre-injury status is unattainable. After reviewing the literature, methods of regenerative medicine and psychological interventions are demonstrated to elicit positive outcomes from a rehabilitation standpoint. The goal of this systematic review is to examine the literature to identify regenerative medicine techniques that could be utilized as a conservative alternative to surgery or in addition to surgery. Next, is examining the benefits of human growth hormone as a means to prevent muscular atrophy after surgery. Examining the role of physical therapists in concluding how regenerative medicine and HGH functionally compares to athletes who did not receive these treatments. Finally, considering psychological interventions and methods that could be utilized to limit factors of re-injury anxiety and promote positive cognitive responses to injury. Creating this holistic approach to athletic recovery is designed to create more efficient rehab programs that treat both the physical and mental needs of the athlete, all the while leading to a decreased chance of re-injury.



regenerative medicine, human growth hormone, stem-cell therapy, platelet-rich therapy, psychological interventions, self-determination theory, re-injury anxiety, Athletes, Physical Therapy, Honors College


Homiller, S. R. (2022). A holistic approach to athletic recovery: a physio-psycho study (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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