Personalized and Collaborative Clustering of Search Results




Anastasiu, Dragos

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Organizing and presenting search results plays a critical role in the utility of search engines. Due to the unprecedented scale of the Web and diversity of search results, the common strategy of ranked lists has become increasingly inadequate, and clustering has been considered as a promising alternative. Clustering divides a long list of disparate search results into a few topic-coherent clusters, allowing the user to quickly locate relevant results by topic navigation. While many clustering algorithms have been proposed that innovate on the automatic clustering procedure, I introduce Clustering Wiki, the first prototype and framework for personalized clustering that allows direct user editing of the clustering results. Through a Wiki interface, the user can edit and annotate the membership, structure and labels of clusters for a personalized presentation. In addition, the edits and annotations can be shared among users as a mass-collaborative way of improving search result organization and search engine utility.



document clustering, database searching, wikis, computer interfaces


Anastasiu, D. (2011). Personalized and collaborative clustering of search results (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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