Integrating Geospatial Technology in Pre-Service Teacher Training Programs




Summers, Emily J.
Zadrozny, Joann
Van Overschelde, James P.
Huynh, Niem Tu
Solem, Michael
Boehm, Richard G.

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


Geographic educators are continuously developing new and creative ways to integrate geospatial technology and spatial thinking in a wide array of EC-16 courses. Ensuring teachers are effectively trained in these new ways is important so EC-16 students can excel in their own geographic knowledge and skills. A mixed methods design was employed to investigate pre-service participants' perceptions and change in spatial thinking after using geospatial technology in a prepared geospatial technology module. Results show an improvement in spatial thinking, as well as a receptive attitude toward the use of geospatial technology as a teaching tool.



geography, geospatial technologies, professional development, pre-service teacher training


Summers, E.J., Zadrozny, Joann, Van Overschelde, J.P., Huynh, N.T., Solem, M., & Boehm, R.G. (2017). Integrating geospatial technology in pre-service teacher training programs. Research in Geographic Education, 19(1), pp. 102-126.


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