From Expat to Emigrant: Finding the American Dream Abroad




Kallmerten, Taeler

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This project demonstrates how Americans migrate overseas, integrate into various cultures, and engage in transnationalism. Through a collection of data and analysis of migratory trends, this thesis provides insights on demographics and common social behaviors of Americans abroad. Moreover, this thesis provides historical background of U.S. migratory trends and a deeper look into a few biographies of famous American expatriates. This research is important because the American migratory group is significantly understudied. Professor Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels has chosen the American migratory group as her focus. This thesis relies heavily on her book Migrants or Expatriates? Americans in Europe. Klekowski von Koppenfels uses a variety of sources in her book, including 115 interviews with Americans residing in Berlin, Paris, and London as well as a survey with 884 respondents. In my analysis I conclude that Americans are involved with politics, financially tied to America, and engaged with relationships while living abroad. Americans take part in traditions practiced back home in America and create communities through social and political organizations.



American, emigration, travel, identity, migration, Honors College


Kallmerten, T. (2018). From expat to emigrant: Finding the American dream abroad (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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