An Evaluation of the 2004 San Marcos Transportation Master Plan




Bryant, Stephanie

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of the San Marcos Transportation Master Plan and the progress of transit-oriented goals in this growing urban area. The guidelines of the Master Plan were analyzed to determine their effectiveness in addressing issues of transportation within the city of San Marcos and benefit to the varying population. Literature on transportation planning was used to make informative conclusions in reference to travel throughout San Marcos. Another aim was to determine whether current travel options satisfied resident’s expectations of San Marcos transit. By interviewing 5 city residents and 5 temporary student residents an overall public opinion towards transportation throughout the city was gathered. This information aided in the evaluation of transportation planning and implementation throughout the City of San Marcos. Professional opinion towards transportation within San Marcos was also examined in this study through 5 interviews with individuals in the areas of transportation and planning. Gathering this information assisted in determining whether the guidelines set forth by the San Marcos Transportation Master Plan were beneficial to the city’s overall transit planning. This evaluation of the Transportation Master Plan for the City of San Marcos is a culmination of research pertaining to transportation planning and plan evaluation, as well as an investigation into the transit-related needs of a growing urban community.



transportation planning, geography, San Marcos, transportation, planning, urban planning, transit, plan evaluation, Honors College


Bryant, S. (2013). An evaluation of the 2004 San Marcos Transportation Master Plan (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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