Understanding Cognitive Musicology: An Edition of, and Introduction to, Otto Laske's Writings on Musical Grammars




Schuler, Nico

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The goal of this project was the source-critical publication of the first (and only) cognitive-based writings in the area of musical grammars. These were written by Otto Laske, who, although still alive, changed his research direction and now works in the areas of composition as well as clinical psychology. The connection between musical grammar and cognitive research had not been further developed, because all other developments of musical grammars went a different direction. Laske and the international publishing house Peter Lang had invited me to edit his Laske's writings on musical grammar. The project included scanning and editing six extensive essays, adding references to later developments in this area, bibliographical research, and writing an Introduction to Laske's writings. This introduction summarizes Laske's achievements and shows how one can proceed.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


cognitive musicology, musical grammars, cognitive-based writings


Schuler, N. (2004). <i>Understanding cognitive musicology: An edition of, and introduction to, Otto Laske's writings on musical grammars</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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