Texas Dance Halls: History, Culture, and Community




Folkins, Gail

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The Center for Texas Music History


Past the front door of the Twin Sisters Dance Hall, a few miles west of New Braunfels, the honey-colored floor gleams, and the stage in front of us is framed in the same blonde wood. It could just as easily be Saturday evening the late 1800s, when many of these dance halls were first built, except for the pick-up trucks starting to fill the parking lot outside. This hall is a new one for me; I scan the walls and the front stage. I may not be a native Texan, coming instead from the mountains near Seattle, but I am a dance hall wife. From my first visit to Gruene Hall with friends in the early 1990s to the gigs that my musician husband has taken me to across Texas, I have learned to slide across dance floor "salt" and to smell the years buried in the woodsy-dust scent.



Texas, Music, History, Dance halls: culture, Community



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