The Board of Regents Reports and Minutes: A Digitization Case Study




Moore, Jeremy D.
North, Megan
Peters, Todd C.
Mazzei, Erin

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Alkek Library's Digital & Web Services Department at Texas State University is digitizing the University Archives' Board of Regents Reports and Minutes collection. The collection is comprised of an estimated 45,000 pages including bound books, most of which can be unbound for rapid sheet-feed scanning, and loose-leaf onion skin pages. This presentation will describe the project lifecycle starting with why it was prioritized for digitization, the development, testing, and validation of scanning workflows using FADGI standards, and the creation of custom software to automate processes. We will also explain why our student technicians were more than happy to rescan over 700 images and why it was the best decision to make for consistency, speed, and quality.



digitization, FADGI, standards, automation, workflows


Moore, J. D., North, M., Peters, T., & Mazzei, E. (2017). The Board of Regents reports and minutes: A digitization case study. Poster presented at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries, Austin, Texas.


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