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Blanco, Ivanete

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The project, Are You My Type, proposed the development of an interactive website that covers all aspects of typography an innovative website that prior to Are You My Type did not exist. Typography is an essential part of graphic design and is used to communicate a message to an intended audience. Type can be used simply to be read, as an image or shape, or to convey a feeling or meaning. Learning what typography is and how to use type effectively is one of the most important skills a graphic designer can obtain. Because the topic of Typography is so expansive, I broke down the project into four sections that cover all aspects of typography: Type Speak, Face Value, What is Type? and Type Connections. The What is Type? section introduces the historical significance of typography. In the Type Speak section, terminology, classification, uses of type, anatomy and a few typographic exercises were added. In the Face Value section, I examined specific typefaces from all the categories that are listed in the classification portion of the Type Speak section. The Type Connection section lists all the reference materials researched to develop the content for this project. Are You My Type is a useful online resource to better develop my knowledge of typography, which will greatly enhance my future creative work. The Are You My Type website (http: // is now available for private or public use.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


graphic design, typography, interactive websites, innovative websites


Blanco, I. (2006). Are you my type — Interactive website on typography. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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