Kindergarten Readiness Longitudinal Study




Blunk, Elizabeth

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At this point data have been collected at both the Bonham Early Childhood Center (BECC) and the Tx State Child Development Center (CDC). The Early Childhood Environment Rating scale has been administered at both the CDC and BECC on a total of nine classrooms. Data have been collected for the Child Observation Scale on 33 children at the CDC. Data have been collected for the Caregiver Interaction Scale for four teachers at the CDC and seven teachers at Bonham. The Bonham checklist has been used to gather data on the child's academic progress at Bonham and on 15 children at the CDC. Next week, data will be collected on another preschool classroom at the CDC. Data have been collected on a total sample of 60 children.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


early childhood, rating scale, CDC, child development center, BECC, Bonham early childhood center, caregiver international scale


Blunk, E. (2008). <i>Kindergarten readiness longitudinal study</i>. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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