Relationships between Physical, Mechanical and Acoustic Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Using Ultrasonic Testing




Hou, Shuguang
Deng, Yong
Jin, Rui
Shi, Xijun
Luo, Xue

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Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute


Ultrasonic testing can be used for a nondestructive and rapid determination of material properties. In this study, twelve asphalt mixture samples of four different types were fabricated and used in conventional material property tests and two ultrasonic wave tests. Physical properties such as bulk specific gravity and air void content, mechanical properties such as dynamic modulus and phase angle, and acoustic properties such as wave velocity were measured. Relationships between these properties were established and analyzed as a tool for the future material property determination. In addition, the dynamic modulus and phase angle, measured in a standard laboratory test, were used to construct two master curve models to predict their values at arbitrary temperatures and frequencies. Furthermore, a theoretical model for wave velocity in a linear isotropic viscoelastic material was utilized with measured density, Poisson’s ratio, phase angle and ultrasonic wave velocity to predict the dynamic modulus. Good agreement has been achieved between laboratory measurements and model predictions. It indicates that ultrasonic testing can serve as a rapid method for material property determination.



asphalt mixture, ultrasonic testing, acoustic parameter, physical parameter, dynamic modulus, phase angle, Ingram School of Engineering


Hou, S., Deng, Y., Jin, R., Shi, X., & Luo, X. (2022). Relationships between physical, mechanical and acoustic properties of asphalt mixtures using ultrasonic testing. Buildings, 12(3), 306.


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