Interfacial Separation and Electrochemical Delamination of CVD Grown Multilayer Graphene for Recyclable Use of Cu Powder




Wang, Zhuo
Liu, Zhihong
Monne, Mahmuda Akter
Wang, Shuangyue
Yu, Qingkai
Chen, Maggie Yihong

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Royal Society of Chemistry


This paper demonstrates a simple and repeatable method to produce multilayer graphene by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth and nondestructive electrochemical delamination from Cu powder. SEM images show that Cu powder with graphene isolated by graphite is free from sintering and could be separated by the water/hexane interface with ultrasonication. The graphene peeled by electrochemical delamination composing multilayer carbon atom sheets (<5 layers) is characterized by Raman spectra and AFM images. This method is scalable, and the Cu powder is reusable in multiple growth and delamination cycles.



multilayer graphene, chemical vapor deposition, electrochemical delamination, Cu powder, Ingram School of Engineering


Wang, Z., Liu, Z., Monne, M. A., Wang, S., Yu, Q., & Chen, M. Y. (2016). Interfacial separation and electrochemical delamination of CVD grown multilayer graphene for recyclable use of Cu powder. RSC Advances, 30(6), pp. 24865-24870.


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