Pet Shelters and Planning for Sheltering Pets during Hurricane Evacuations: A Case Study of Hurricane Harvey




Ratchford, Melanie

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When a major hurricane strikes it is important that pets are included in evacuation plans and that they are safely sheltered. A lack of sufficient planning or communication of information during a hurricane may lead to increased confusion and result in devastating losses in the aftermath. Leaving pets behind in the event of an evacuation often causes significant problems that not only endanger the lives of the pets but also humans. The issues that have been present in previous storm events were also present during the catastrophic landfall of 2017 Hurricane Harvey. Animal shelters will sometimes be able to take in animals during major storms, however, many shelters may potentially experience issues during their response. This project attempts to examine the responses and problems experienced by animal sheltering facilities during Hurricane Harvey.



animal shelters, emergency management, Hurricane Harvey, pet evacuation, Applied Geography


Ratchford, M. (2019). Pet shelters and planning for sheltering pets during hurricane evacuations: A case study of Hurricane Harvey. Master of Applied Geography Degree, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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