Augmented reality: Capturing knowledge in geographic education




Wilson, Eric

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The use of Augmented Reality provides an opportunity to introduce geospatial technologies and geographic education into the classroom, yet the technology is underutilized. At the same time, museum experiences within smaller communities have become less popular because of the lack of available resources and technology. To address these concerns, I created an interactive Augmented Reality museum tour at the Hispanic Cultural Center in San Marcos, Texas that combines oral histories with current information in the museum. This project explores how Augmented Reality changes students’ learning experiences. When touring the museum, students use Augmented Reality to engage with content and answer questions regarding Mexican migration, segregation histories, and struggles for equality. With this added layer of Augmented Reality content, I argue that students will receive and retain extra information beyond what is typically available. Working with Augmented Reality, we suspect, will also create a more dynamic and enjoyable learning experience for students. Augmented Reality holds the potential to transform geographic education. This project is a first step to understand that potential. The Augmented Reality tour will continue at the Hispanic Cultural Center in perpetuity and be opened to the San Marcos community.



geographic education, augmented reality


Wilson, E. (2020). Augmented reality: Capturing knowledge in geographic education. Master of Applied Geography Degree, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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