Assessing New Urbanism in Central Texas




Foreman, John Vernon

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While the conventional housing market favors large lot subdivisions and ranchettes, housing choices in Central Texas are becoming more diverse with the popularity of neotraditional techniques being imported to the region. This research examines the relationship between the ideals of the neotraditional movement, particularly smaller lots, pedestrian-friendly streets, mixing of uses, and the “neotraditional” built environment in Central Texas. Are the neotraditional developments true to their paradigm, or has the design of the neighborhoods been significantly altered? What are the causes and ramifications of the modifications? This research employs a systematic evaluation of the neighborhoods and a subsequent comparison to established neotraditional standards, elucidating a more grounded and nuanced understanding of how New Urbanism is applied in Central Texas. This will ultimately help enable a more thorough evaluation of the merits of the neotraditional movement.



New urbanism, Central Texas, Postmodernism, Planning, Urban design, Neotraditional


Foreman, J. V. (2009). <i>Assessing new urbanism in central Texas</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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